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Jack to the Future

Earlier this spring, Jack - author of A King Among My Flock - took on a new creative writing prompt. He was given this picture and asked, where would you go? What would you do?

We LOVE Jack's vision of how the future unfolds!


Driving a car was not a dream hastily tucked in the hard drive of my brain, however, that ignition sensed my presence and beckoned me to the front seat to begin this trip. Beastly engine revved when I touched the gas. Grabbing my seatbelt with my hand, I shoved it into place just as we lurched forward. Flames shot out from behind the car. I had no clue how to drive this thing. I clutched at the wheel and slammed my foot on the brake. The car screeched to a halt. I freed myself only to see I was still in my school's parking lot.

Straight away I saw a kid I didn't recognize typing on a letter board with a friend. I headed over to talk to him, but the bell rang, and he took off. Swiftly chased him inside.

In the lobby of the building, I froze. Around me, at least four kids had letter boards. Preposterous! Students with speech and students with boards mixed seamlessly in a happy cacophony of voices. Looking up, I saw a banner welcoming the class of 2026. What? It was 2019! What kind of car drives into the future?

A strange pull forced me back to the car. This time I knew to buckle up right away. As we took off in reverse I shouted with glee. The future looks so bright I need shades!



Jack has opinions and isn't afraid to use them.

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