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We have so much going on in our Gaithersburg Office!

Reach Every Voice Institute

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Reach Every Voice group Institutes are designed to give students who type, spell, or point to communicate an engaging and enriching learning experience beyond what is available in any outside-of-school program. Institute takes place in the summer and on Saturdays in the Fall and Spring.

Reach Every Voice Co-Op

Co-Op is a small group educational program inspired by the REV institute.

It runs throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring two days per week.

In 2024, we are piloting a summer co-cp group with a small group. 

Little Learners Weeks at REV

Coming Summer 2024:

A small group program offering games, learning, purposeful motor opportunities, and other activities geared toward young spellers.


Week 1: June 17 - 20

Week 2: June 24 - 27

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