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CONSULTATION with Reach Every Voice

The REV team is here to support your communication practice and access to education.

Are you looking for solutions to your child's unique communication and education needs? From IEP review to lesson resources to modeling instruction to communication coaching, Reach Every Voice offers a range of custom consultation to help your child's communication and education growth.

Phone & Zoom Consultation

A consultation over phone or Zoom is perfect for a family who wants to discuss their needs in more detail than is possible through email. Consultations can be scheduled in half hour blocks and will include a email write up of any plans formulated during the consultation. 

IEP Document Review

Reach Every Voice reviews Individualized Education Plans and offers practical feedback on goals, accommodations, and supplementary aids and services to help your child's school team shape a meaningful school experience.

Communication  Coaching

Reach Every Voice offers Coaching to Parents and Communication Partners. Schedule a 30 or 60 minute session with one of our Communication Teachers to work on improving your Communication Practice.

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