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© 2017 by Lisa Mihalich Quinn | Reach Every Voice | Maryland

Welcome to the Reach Every Voice Lesson Library

Monthly Lesson Subscription - $9.99

Lesson Library Subscriptions provide

5-7 new lessons per month.

"We are loving these lessons created by Reach Every Voice! Thank you for creating accessible lessons for kids and teens like [my son]."   - E.P.

"Your lessons have been a great backup for us and helping us stay consistent with RPM. My son has a very hard time communicating with me and I have a very hard time writing interesting enough lessons for him."   - D.G.

Single Lesson Downloads - $2.50 each

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Our lessons

Each lesson follows the "teach-ask" format devised by

Soma Mukhopadhyay, with scaffolded question sets to allow learners with diverse skill levels to engage with the content.

At natural stopping points, teachers are provided with four types of questions:

  • a reasoning question with two choices

  • a reasoning question with a predictable response

  • a reasoning question with a limited range of answers

  • an open-ended question

Jason Mraz

- sample lesson

Totem Poles

- sample lesson