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Watch Convenient On-Demand Videos

Our Accessible Academics course is a self-paced course designed to be taken over ten weeks.

Each week, we discuss and model strategies to adapt age-appropriate curriculum in different academic areas. Our captioned course videos are accessible for you to watch whenever it works for you.

Accessible Academics Videos

Learn in Cohort Zoom Sessions

Want to ask your instructor questions? Come to monthly zoom office hours.

These live experiences are chances to connect with classmates, share your takeaways, and ask specific questions.

All zooms can be recorded and posted on the course page in case live attendance is not possible.

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Download & Print Course Handouts

Each module has downloadable PDFs with key takeaways, examples of adaptions explored in class, and opportunities to practice.

Our final course handout includes specific language for IEP goals and objectives as well as supplementary aids and services that can used to incorporate course teachings into school plans.

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Connect in a Facebook Group

Join your classmates in a private Facebook group to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.

  • Accessible Academics

    Intro Course - Adapting Academic Instruction for NonSpeakers
    • 10 pre-recorded modules, designed to be taken weekly
    • Topics include phonics, writing, and reading instruction
    • Models of math, science, and social studies
    • Downloadable Course Handouts
    • Self-paced course! Learn at your own pace.
    • Monthly zoom office hours for questions & advice
Black text on a teal background. Text reads "This course was one of the most valuable courses I have taken. Many have been a waste of time, but THIS! You ahve developed a gem!