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Professional Development

Ready to feel empowered and confident in supporting your nonspeaking and unreliably speaking students at school or at home?

We're here to help.

Self-Paced Courses

Accessible Academics

This self-paced course provides 10 modules designed to help parents and professionals learn how to adapt academics tasks for students who communicate by pointing or making choices. 

This course is appropriate for parents and educators who support ANY nonspeaking / minimally speaking / unreliably speaking students regardless of their disability.

Recorded Workshops

Virtual or In-Person Professional Development

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Rethinking Autism: Reshaping our Understanding of Autism from a Cognitive Disorder to a Motor Challenge

This one-hour presentation explores the shift that happens when we presume competence, understand apraxia, and embrace co-regulation. Participants will learn why presuming competence is the least dangerous assumption, what apraxia is, and how we can shift from a behavioral lens to a regulation lens. 

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Rethinking Our Language: Writing Strengths-Based and Anti-Ableist IEPs

This presentation focuses on how to actively root out ableist language in IEPS and evaluation reports.  The workshop can be customized in length from 1 -3 hours to allow participants opportunities for hands-on practice applying skills taught in the presentation.   

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Rethinking IEP Goals: Writing Goals that Support Nonspeaking Students

It IS possible to write goals that align with grade-level standards for nonspeaking students using multimodal communication.

This workshop can be customized in length from 1-2 hours to allow participants opportunities to practice writing goals and receiving feedback.

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