Students attending College Bound Academy hosted by Reach Every Voice and Edlyn Pena.

REV AccessAbility

REV AccessAbility is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has supported non-traditional communication since 2017.

In conjunction with Reach Every Voice, REV AccessAbility hosted the east coast College Bound Academy, a workshop in October 2018 for non-speaking autistic students determined to go to college. For three days the group learned about the possibilities of higher education for students who spell, point, or type for communication. Along with the possibilities, we learned about the challenges, perhaps the largest of which involves funding for supports in college.

College is an enormous expense for typical students who have no need for specialized support. Students who require a communication partner to attend college often bear an even larger expense in the training and payment of these partners. Resources abound for students ages 21 and younger; however, the funding often trails off in adulthood, especially for students who are seeking a fulfilling life outside a residential or day program.

With this insight guiding our mission, REV AccessAbility is narrowing its focus to provide access to higher education for students who spell, point, or type for communication.



Help us support these students as they achieve dreams of higher education. 

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