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Join us for Summer Co-Op


Co-Op is a small group educational program inspired by the REV institute.  Our Co-Op is a 2 hour program that runs 2 days a week.


Our Co-Op leader creates material based on student interest and develops unique questions using language ladder strategies that allow students of all communicative abilities to participate.

Summer Co-Op runs from 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Days: Wednesday/Thursday
Start Date: June 12
End Date: August 8
*Off 7/3, 7/4
Tuition: $ 2000 (paid in a single payment)

"I enjoyed the conversations and getting my thoughts across in a safe environment." ~ Nadia


"This Co-Op has given me a purpose during the week. I have been given the opportunity to work with more CPs. I love learning new topics of interest." - Nick

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Co-Op is taught by Miranda Cobo, our Educational Specialist.


There is no age limit and all are welcome! Students are required to attend with a support person, however this support person does not need to be a trained communication partner. This program is designed in a way that provides training opportunities for support staff while the teacher interactively works with students and staff on coaching and modeling different prompting techniques.


The group size for this program is capped at 4 participants, which allows for more coaching and opportunities for involvement.

The cooperative element of this co-op is that the group as a whole cooperatively determine the topics they study. Lessons are customized to allow student-driven learning to be at the center of our program.

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