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#actuallyautistic voices

Party in Our Brains!

They're back! The dynamic duo of Nadia and Sahit decided to tackle a collaborative sonnet on this gross, rainy day. Nadia's lines are in purple and Sahit's are in red. Check out their topical verse!


There's a wild party in my brain!

It's getting hard to think.

Everyone is a bit insane.

My gray matter's looking pink!

If we don't stop with all this rain

And see the shining sun

I will surely go insane. Rain, rain be gone. We're done!

This weather is much too wet.

Having a little umbrella is no help.

Endless deluge makes autistic bodies fret.

Look out I'm gonna yelp!

Rain, rain hit the road.

Party in my brain's gonna explode!


The author points to letters to spell her poetry.

Nadia asks the world to presume competence of all nonspeaking autistics and to use respectful language when you talk about people who type instead of speak.

Sahit oh so rapidly spells his thoughts and finds beauty in having a voice.

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