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Forgetful Friday

Two of our middle school students joined forces today to create a collaborative story! Each author took turns writing lines with Nadia starting things off and Sahit adding on. Check out their spooky tale below!


Deep in the forest a girl screamed.

Above her head a falcon circled.

She looked up in terror.

It swooped, heading for her.

She ran as fast as her feet would go.

The bird cried out in her wake.

The girl always remembered to say the falcon charm.

How could she have forgotten today?

At the edge of the clearing she paused.

Making a sweeping gesture above her head, the girl chanted the charm


The falcon disappeared in a cloud of feathers.

The girl breathed a sigh of relief.

Over head in the sky a dragon

breathed a blast of fire.

Oh drat, thought the girl.

I seem to be forgetful.

The End


The author points to letters to spell her poetry.

Nadia asks the world to presume competence of all nonspeaking autistics and to use respectful language when you talk about people who type instead of speak.

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