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#actuallyautistic voices

#fiercegirltypers - No. 2 Meet Sarah

Nadia and Ashna are back at it, interviewing more fierce girl typers! Today, they’re ready to share their interview with their pal and fellow letterboarder Sarah.


Our friend Sarah uses a letterboard even though she speaks. Enough of us do that we want the world to know that not all speech should be listened to. Sarah typed these responses on a board.

Ashna: How long have you been typing?

Sarah: Another typer would probably say not very long but for me it seems like awhile, maybe 3 years with my current RPM therapists but 4 altogether.

Nadia: People hear you speak and wonder why you need a board. Fingers or voice, which do you prefer people listen to?

Sarah: My verbal speech is not truly what I mean to say. My real thoughts are only available to the rest of the world through the boards. I like when people listen to my fingers because I can make my thoughts clearer.

Ashna: Are you beautiful in your opinion or do you see only the autism in the mirror?

Sarah: No. I see autism but I am still beautiful.

Nadia: What music do you like? I’m starting to explore various artists and I’d love recommendations. Preferably no europop.

Sarah: Relaxing music. I like Pandora’s beach noise because I like the sound of the waves.


Stay tuned as Nadia & Ashna interview more #fiercegirltypers in the months ahead!

Ashna is a high school freshman in Maryland who cares about doing good talking points for autism and rapid prompting method.​

Nadia asks the world to presume competence of all nonspeaking autistics and to use respectful language when you talk about people who type instead of speak.

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