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Dear Teachers...


Editor's Note: Today Trevor finished a letter to his teachers. They came to visit him at REV at the end of the school year and asked him about his pet peeves from school, things teachers do that drive him crazy.


When we set down to write his response, Lisa grabbed a sheet of paper and Trevor told her they'd definitely need more than just one sheet. He's been working on this letter for at least three sessions and has a lot to share. - LMQ


Trevor spells on a board held by a communication partner
Trevor spells on a board held by a communication partner

Dear teachers,

Get down and dirty here for me. Every kid has things that they basically use as coping mechanisms. Not only autistic kids repeat movements and words.

My dumb sister gets stuck on songs and ideas too. Try getting a teenage girl to talk about someone other than herself. Impossible. If autism is defined by the all encompassing self-interest then she needs her own diagnosis. My point is my sister doesn't have her every action picked apart to determine its function. Sometimes life is messy and its not possible to inspect every aspect.

Don't assume that my speech is actually speaking my thoughts. More often than not I'm only in OCD loop. Let's stop listening to the inane stuff that I can't do anything about. Instead something spelling shows is how my voice is only in my letters.

I'm always listening. Don't let the big headphones confuse you. Please don't talk about me in front of me. If I talked about you in front of you the way you sometimes talk about me, you wouldn't like it. I am not particular interested in drama at [school], so maybe save that talk to put in happy hour.

I'm doing an awful lot of complaining here but I'm so grateful that you all have believed in me even though I am not writing a lot on the board yet. I'm truly hopeful since now learning with RPM I can intelligently show that people with autism like me are in our heads capable of learning if you let what you previously thought you knew about autism go.


Trevor found his voice on a letterboard last year and has no plans to shut up.

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