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A Butterfly Anthology

This school year, one of our REV students has been learning about poetry and its different forms. We studied limericks, diamantes, haikus, acrostics, and sonnets. Nadia wanted to share her anthology with the world, so without further ado, we present Nadia's Butterfly Anthology.


Force of Nature

There once was a blue butterfly

Who tried to float straight in the sky.

He started to droop

Oh poop, just a loop.

At least he gave it a try.




weird hairy

crawling inching creeping

chrysalis cocoon transformation adult

gliding soaring glistening

vivid spirited



Butterfly Ocean

wings float in the lawn

tiny boats you try to catch

pretty colored sails













Love Song of a Caterpillar

A kid saw a caterpillar asleep

He watched it wake and crawl slow.

He said, "this I would like to keep

to study and see it grow."

It moved and wiggled so fine.

As it grew his love didst, too.

"Oh bug, be forever mine.

Oh bug, can you be true?"

Then one day the catterpillar vanished from sight

His world grew bleak and stark.

"Mine life is bereft of light."

Suddenly, a burst of color. Hark!

Oh bug fleeing your small tomb

After the darkness flight will bloom!


The author points to letters to spell her poetry.

Nadia asks the world to presume competence of all nonspeaking autistics and to use respectful language when you talk about people who type instead of speak.

learn with us.
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