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Narrative: My Life is an Act of Bravery

Bravery isn't always some large gesture.

We picture firefighters racing into burning houses to save human life or a mom shoving her child out of the way of a runaway driver.

But bravery can be tougher to see. It's something that comes from within.

I make decisions every day to have my body and my mind challenged.

This might not look like bravery, but it is the bravest thing I do. Most days the safe thing would be to disappear into my iPad in a flurry of YouTube. It takes an active decision to face the challenge of controlling my mind and body each and every day.

Don’t assume bravery requires bravado.

Even the smallest step takes courage.


Nick is just an autistic guy trying to get his big voice out.

Want to read more of Nick's writing? You can find his stuff here on the REV blog and also at NeuroClastic.

Want to leave Nick a tip to support his work? You can donate via his Ko-Fi page.


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