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Aren't Families First and Foremost?

While President Donald Trump continues to insist that Democrats are responsible for his administration's policy of separating children from all illegal immigrants at the U.S. border, many people continue to share their outrage at both this lie and the practice. Even former First Lady Laura Bush jumped into the fray, condemning the President's actions and comparing these separations to the shameful Japanese Internment camps of the 1940s. Understandably, people are angry, including our young people. For Nadia, this feeling led her to want to write a "scathing open letter to Donald Trump."

Here it is.


An open letter to Donald J. Trump.

947 days. Your tyranny has an expiration date. At least the world can take comfort in knowing the end of your reign of terror is in sight.

How much more damage will you do in 947 more days? In only 514 days, you've managed to alienate countries that have been our allies. You are the equivalent of some kid who abandons his childhood friends to run around with the schoolyard bullies. I hoped an American president would make better choices.

In 514 days, you've basically insulted anyone and everyone. Lashing out on twitter makes you look small. Didn't you hear a wise woman say, "When they go low, we go high"? Listening to women actually could improve your approval ratings. It's okay if you don't though. It just makes our job easier in 947 days if there is no one left who you haven't insulted.

In 514 short days, you've ruined the American value of welcoming immigrants to our melting pot. The painful separation of families at the time of greatest need is unforgivably callous. What would you have done if someone tried to take Donald Jr., Ivanka, or Baron from you? Aren't families first and foremost?

Watch the clock, Trump. At the next election my friends will vote. Pack your bags. 947 days will be here soon.

A fierce autistic hellraiser



Nadia asks the world to presume competence of all nonspeaking autistics and to use respectful language when you talk about people who type instead of speak.