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Poetry: I Will Finish

This year has been extraordinarily difficult for everyone. It is has been even more challenging for our nonspeaking autistic students participating in virtual school who have lost access to the majority of their social opportunities that took place in the school building. Each of our students has struggled in different ways, but across the board, they've all shown the same persistence and determination to continue to communicate, to access education, and to connect with others, one letter at a time.

Jack shares his tenacity with us in this poem, "I Will Finish."


Words and sentences and paragraphs

Labored and intentional

Pecked out by the commanding index finger one button at a time.

The arduous task is like grandma completing a crossword for greater minds.

She will finish but it will take time and considerable effort.

Just like my words and sentences and paragraphs.

It will take time and considerable effort.

But I will finish.


Jack is a nonspeaking high school student who has opinions and isn't afraid to use them.


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