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#fiercegirltypers - No. 1 Meet Nadia & Ashna

Seriously the BEST thing to come out of Reach Every Voice has been the friendships and community our typers, letterboarders, and spellers have created. If you ask any one of them, this invariably tops their list of things they love about it. Reflective of autism in the nation as a whole, the guys in our group vastly outnumber the girls. That hasn't stopped a tiny feminist coalition from creating a fierce girl group with some big goals. Nadia, 10, and Ashna, 15, recently decided to join forces to find more autistic girl typers and interview them. Today, in their first blog, Nadia interviews Ashna.


Nadia: So Ashna talk to me about your ambitions to actually graduate from a big public high school.

Ashna: Shocking, isn’t it that at face value a singing autistic person still can be a smart honor roll student? By graduating I hope to show the world how high expectations open doors that are typically shut.

Nadia: High expectations for college too?

Ashna: Yes. My mom often says I should just skip to writing papers for grad school.

Nadia: When you were my age (I’m ten) did you ever think grad school was an option?

Ashna: For me in my brain, I always knew I was smart. Can’t say everyone else believed that though. Typing has conclusively hooked my family. Eventually got big school on board to let me try to follow my dream.

Nadia: That should be inspiration for so many nonspeakers like me. Just one more question. If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?

Ashna: Most likely, I’d like to chat with heroine door opener Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg. What a nice badass judge she is.


Stay tuned as Nadia & Ashna interview more #fiercegirltypers in the months ahead!

Ashna is an eighth grader in Maryland who cares about doing good talking points for autism and rapid prompting method.​

Nadia asks the world to presume competence of all nonspeaking autistics and to use respectful language when you talk about people who type instead of speak.

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