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Narrative: Siblings - The Ties that Bind with Love

Some siblings are not close. Mine are my friends for my life.

Pals as kids. My ride or die posse.

Both see my needs as their own built in responsibility. Yet they never make me feel like some stone around their necks.

Outside our family, being disabled often seems like a challenge for other people to accommodate, but with the fam, everyone supports each other.

How do we expand this sense of joyful shared care for each other in the world?

Let’s start by emulating my siblings.

Maybe if we view each other as brothers and sisters, we can grow in love.


Nick Barry, a young white man with brown hair, smiles in two different pictures. The top is with his sister and the bottom with his brother. The pictures are displayed next to the words of his post.

Nick is just an autistic guy trying to get his big voice out.

Want to read more of Nick's writing? You can find his stuff here on the REV blog and also at NeuroClastic.

Want to leave Nick a tip to support his work? You can donate via his Ko-Fi page.


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