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How to Beat the Fall Blues: Nick's Tips for Overcoming Seasonal Depression

I'm having feelings of depression again as fall begins. Every year the leaves start to fall and so do my spirits.

For my entire life getting darkness to go away has been what bugs me in the winter. You find lots of time to let the stress creep in when there is less daylight.

This year I find myself armed with more ideas to grow the light in my life.

First, bringing awareness to the way this time of year impacts me. Just stopping when i notice i’m feeling anxious or sad to recognize that this happens every fall can stop the vortex of depression from jinxing my great freedom.

I also surround myself with lights - people and actual lamps. Being around people who glow from within turns on my own inner light.

The twinkling of holiday decorations helps too so string up some festive bulbs.

There is no stopping dark fall days, but shining the beacons of love and light can help me get through them.


Nick is just an autistic guy trying to get his big voice out.

Want to read more of Nick's writing? You can find his stuff here on the REV blog and also at NeuroClastic.

Want to leave Nick a tip to support his work? You can donate via his Ko-Fi page.


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