Our teachers use strategies, including Rapid Prompting Method, to provide direct instruction with scaffolded supports to teach individuals who are non-speaking or have unreliable verbal abilities to express themselves with alternative communication.

Our weekend and Summer Institutes bring together individuals who have already developed communication skills to explore a curriculum based on their own interests, play age-appropriate games, and build relationships with other spellers and typers.

At-home communication practice is crucial for success. Our team has developed hundreds of lessons with scaffolded question sets to allow communicators of all abilities to engage with rich, interesting content.

Students who spell or type to communicate face unique challenges when applying for and attending higher education. This 3-day workshop prepares autistic students who spell or type to communicate to transition to higher education. 

From IEP review to lesson resources to modeling instruction to communication coaching, Reach Every Voice offers a range of custom consultation to help your child's communication & education growth.



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