Earlier this spring, Jack - author of A King Among My Flock - took on a new creative writing prompt. He was given this picture and asked, where would you go? What would you do? 

We LOVE Jack's vision of how the future unfolds!

          Driving a car...

They're back! The dynamic duo of Nadia and Sahit set us up with a new collaborative story, inspired by spring! Nadia's lines are in purple and Sahit's are in red. Check out their hopeful lines!

Something yellow poked through the sky.

The maple tree quivered in surpr...

December 21, 2018

A few of our students are reading Homer's Odyssey right now, and Jack asked us to publish his narrative that continues the story of Polyphemus, the Cyclops blinded by Odysseus.

In case it's been a minute since you've read the Odyssey, here's a recap of the story at this...

They're back! The dynamic duo of Nadia and Sahitdecided to tackle a collaborative sonnet on this gross, rainy day. Nadia's lines are in purple and Sahit's are in red. Check out their topical verse!

There's a wild party in my brain!

It's getting hard to think.


Two of our middle school students joined forces today to create a collaborative story! Each author took turns writing lines with Nadia starting things off and Sahit adding on. Check out their spooky tale below!

Deep in the forest a girl screamed.

Above her head a falcon...

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