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Stevie Mays

Institute Teacher

Stevie is a disability justice activist who has work with and for disabled people their whole career. They started in therapy with autistic children, focusing on floor play and social skills. While in undergraduate, their four years as a therapist and four summers as a camp counselor Stevie values playfulness as a virtue in work with everyone. They worked two years as a research assistant in Consta Columbia’s lab studying teaching groups of parents a social skills tool kit to play and communicate with their pre-K autistic child. They had an internship with the National Council on Learning Disabilities which began their career in advocacy. They currently work with Judy Heumann, international Disability Rights Activist, in her efforts to increase accurate disability representation in the media. While Stevie has cherished the opportunity to work in the advocacy space, they are thrilled to work more directly with disabled people. Stevie is excited to work as Teacher at Reach Every Voice's Weekend Institute.

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