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July 20, 2019

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August 2, 2019

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Police Awareness of Disability

This July, students at Reach Every Voice Summer Institute spent a week learning about advocacy and collaborating to advocate for a cause that gets them fired up. Over the next few blogs, we will share students' advocacy projects with you. Please share away and help these voices be heard!


Today: Zach & Owen capture a conversation about Police Awareness of Disability


Interview with Owen and Zach: Police Awareness of Disability


We want to say that the police need to know how to talk to people with unusual behaviors.

I was in Boulder, Colorado. I went for a walk without my mom or dad. I went into someone’s house because I wanted food. A man came out and began following me. 


Zach: Why? 


Owen: He wanted to protect me. Then I kept walking toward the school. Then I walked back to the house. Next, the police came and they took the man and me to mom and daddy. Yes in Colorado I wanted to go out. I want people to understand that I did not want to hurt any person in town.

Did people think you were hurting others?


Owen: Police thought I was going to get in trouble.



Owen: They thought I was lost. I was not lost.

What made the police believe you were lost?


Owen: I was going to get food.


Zach: Where were you going to get food?


Owen: To the house.


Zach: What house were you going to?


Owen: I don’t know. 


Zach: You did not know the house? That sounds lost to me.


Owen: I not going to hurt people.



Zach: How did the police treat you?


Owen: Young. 


Zach: Did the police ever get aggressive with you?


Owen: No.


Zach: Is there something you want to say to the police?


Owen: That they need to be more hopeful to people like me. That they are mean.

Zach: Police are insufficiently trained. They need proper guidelines.