Back to School! New Lessons!

Cheers to a new school year! We hope everyone has gotten off to a great start.

This month's crop of lessons has a little bit of everything. There are two great biographies, another space-themed lesson surrounding the first moon landing, and a literary lesson on Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Get ready for your speller to start trying these persuasive moves out on you. We also have a very relevant split-alphabet stencil lesson this month all about hurricanes! Each split-alphabet stencil lesson features questions with two choices whose first letters are on the same stencil.

Here's what is new in our library this month:

  • Jacqueline Woodson (author)

  • Mother Jones (activist)

  • Moon Landing Conspiracy

  • Ethos, Pathos, Logos

  • What are Hurricanes? (designed for split-alphabet stencil)

Jacqueline Woodson is an award winning author who has been honored for everything ranging from children's books to adult novels. Learn about this talented author who often writes about contemporary youth and got her start as a writer as an alternative to telling lies.

"Mother Jones" rose from a child immigrant escaping famine to becoming a leader in civil disobedience while fighting for the rights of unions and workers throughout the world.

49 years ago the Apollo 11 landed on the moon and the first steps on the moon were taken. Find out why many people don't believe that happened in this lesson.

Have you ever tried the power of persuasion to get what you want? Learn all about the devices of rhetoric in this lesson about logos, ethos, and pathos.

Learn all about how hurricanes take form and how the storm can create so much damage in this split-stencil lesson.

Looking for more? Check out the Lesson Library for our growing archive of lessons!

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