New Lessons & Single File Downloads!

It's new lesson day again! We're happy to announce this month's newest lessons:

  • Hanukkah History

  • Alcatraz Prison

  • Texas's Fight for Independence

  • Protecting Your Identity Online

  • Why Do We Change the Clocks?

​​Struggling with this past month's tie change? We're over it being dark so early! Did you know Daylight Saving Time has not always been in place? Did you know it doesn't actually have a history of being a change made for farmers? Check out the lesson to learn more about it and why some places on earth don't change their clocks!

​​This year, Hanukkah begins Tuesday, December 12.

Learn about the history behind this 8-day holiday.

New this month: Single-Lesson Downloads!

Check out our redesigned Lesson Library. We still offer our popular subscription, but we also have single lessons available to download.

Check out the new

REV Lesson Library page!

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