New Lesson Day!

It's new lesson day again! Our growing Lesson Library just got a little bit bigger - it now has more than 35 lessons! We added a variety of new topics this month.

  • Shooting Stars

  • Jane Goodall

  • Kid President

  • Schoolhouse Rock

  • The NuVinci Bicycle

  • Wild Turkey Comeback

  • History of FEMA

  • Exploring Implicit Bias

Did you learn how a bill becomes a law from this cartoon character? Or maybe you learned your 3s times table singing "Three is a Magic Number." Does your foundational knowledge of a an adjective come from "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly"? We love Schoolhouse Rock, and learning about its history is almost as fun as singing along to "Interjections!"

We're so inspired by Kid President! learn more about Robby Novak and his campaign to make life more awesome. We also take a look at another one of our inspirations - Jane Goodall.

Our History of FEMA lesson dives deep (we mean like more than 10 pages of a lesson deep!) into the long and often overlooked secret history of an agency we associate mostly with natural disaster relief.

We also round out this month's new lessons with a look into implicit bias. What is it? How does it affect our lives in ways we don't even know? In the next few months, we'll add other lessons addressing race, gender, and other civil rights issues.

Check out the REV Lesson Library page or subscribe below!

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