New Lessons Posted!

It's new lesson day! Our growing Lesson Library just got a little bit bigger. Check out our new topics:

  • Overpopulation

  • Cloud Forests

  • Characteristics of Life

  • The IMAX Experience

  • Teenage Inventors

  • Narwahls: How they're helping us learn about climate change

  • DACA: What is it and why is it in the news?

  • History of Emjois!

Our teenage inventor lesson, inspired by the eight teenagers from Australia who took on pharmaceutical giant and price gouger Martin Shkreli, looks at five teenagers who used their creativity to take on big problems like spreading colds on airplanes and having an inexpensive way to filter water.

The characteristics of life lesson tackles basic biologic principles of what makes something alive. What do all living things have in common? We've also added a bunch of other science lessons - including one about those unicorns of the sea (narwhals!) and posted a PDF file of Shark Jeopardy while we work out bugs in the interactive file's download.

Perhaps the most fun lesson we've added is a history of emojis! This lesson includes two different printable emoji pages that can be made into laminate boards to incorporate these goofy icons into more conversations.

Check out the REV Lesson Library here!

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