Join state-certified teacher Lisa Mihalich Quinn for an in-depth look at the Cold War. This six week session is the first of a two-part course which will examine the Cold War from its origins to its unexpected end. We will cover the political and military history of the conflict and also consider its wide-ranging social and cultural impacts. 


Part 1:

  • Overview

  • Post-WWII Division of Germany

  • The Death of Stalin & Rise of Khrushchev

  • The Korean War

  • Espionage & the KGB

  • The Space Race

The Cold War - Part 1

  • Course refunds will be given in full up to one week before the course begins. Refunds will be given at 50% during the week leading up to a course start date. After a course begins, no refunds will be given. By purchasing this course, you agree to our refund policy.




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