Develop your sense of storytelling over six weeks with state-certified English teacher Emma Sheffer by looking into short stories and familiar media. This class will meet Mondays at 3:30pm Eastern to work through the mechanics of plot development, as well as to guide students through their own compositions. This class will require students to be comfortable with open-ended responses and will require work outside of class.


Course topics include: 

  • Plot Structure: Walk Through Your Day
  • "One Friday Morning:" Analysis
  • Brainstorm: What’s Your Story? Who Are Your Characters?
  • Plot Structure of Original Composition; Begin Writing Process
  • Continue Writing Process: Peer Feedback and Revision
  • Finalize Original Composition and Share


Narrative Writing

  • Course refunds will be given in full up to one week before the course begins. Refunds will be given at 50% during the week leading up to a course start date. After a course begins, no refunds will be given. By purchasing this course, you agree to our refund policy.



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