Spend six week exploring everything that makes this crazy planet what it is! Wednesdays at 3:30pm Eastern, State-certified teacher Corie Stewart will cover all sorts of topics about the earth starting below the earth’s surface and traveling out into the atmosphere. Classes will incorporate video and exploratory websites to help learners visualize the topics discussed in class. This class will be appropriate for typers of all levels (from spelling through open-ended).


Topics covered in the class include: 


-Plate Tectonics

-Minerals, Rocks, and Earth's Structure

-Weathering and Erosion



-Earth's Atmosphere and Water Cycle


Intro to Earth Science

  • Course refunds will be given in full up to one week before the course begins. Refunds will be given at 50% during the week leading up to a course start date. After a course begins, no refunds will be given. By purchasing this course, you agree to our refund policy.



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