Join us on Wednesdays for a six session course designed to teach the fundamentals of pre-algebra / algebra. Students will meet weekly with Lisa Mihalich Quinn, a Maryland state-certified teacher with experience teaching math to students of varied ages and abilities. By the end of the six week course, students will have reviewed the concepts necessary to begin an algebra class. 

Practice activities will be offered to reinforce skills taught in class.


Session topics will include:


  • Properties of Arithmetic & Factors/Multiples (order of operations, distributive property, rational/irrational numbers, GCF/LCM)

  • Fractions & Decimals (representing fractions/decimals & operations with fractions/decimals)

  • Negative Numbers & Coordinate Grids (ordering negative numbers, absolute value, plotting points on a grid)

  • Ratios, Rates, Proportions 

  • Equations, Expressions, Inequalities (intro to variables, constructing and solving simple single-variable expressions)

  • Exponents & Radicals (exponents, square roots, properties of exponents)



Fundamentals of Pre-Algebra / Algebra




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