Join Ingrid Ventura-Ellis and Charly Thomas Tuesdays at 5pm Eastern for this six-session fall course where students will learn about different painting styles and engage in motor tasks to practice different skills: painting, collaging, finger painting, etc. The class features projects inspired by famous artists, diverse cultures, different environments, and the participant’s own imagination. This class will allow students to recognize where their body is in space and in relation to objects such as brushes, paper, and paint. It will also increase students' self-confidence, knowledge, their ability to complete a task, and of course, motor planning.  This class will be appropriate for typers of all communicative abilities (from spelling through open-ended).


Exploring Art with the Mind & Body

  • Course refunds will be given in full up to one week before the course begins. Refunds will be given at 50% during the week leading up to a course start date. After a course begins, no refunds will be given. By purchasing this course, you agree to our refund policy.




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