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Literary Topics

Continuing on our theme of novel recommendations, this lesson features novels by persons of color. Whether you are just expanding your library or trying to connect to your identity, it's so important to read books from different perspectives. 

While learning of some fantastic book recommendations, you will be working your comprehension and contextual skills to answer questions on the outline of each book. 

A hero in Anglo-Saxon folklore, Beowulf was written by an unknown author in the 7th or 8th century. Learn all about the tale in this lesson, and discover the valor and bravery of Beowulf. 

The Ancient Greeks used stories of their god's to explain a lot of life's mysteries. This lesson covers the creation of animals and man with the stories of Prometheus and Epimetheus. It also covers the story of Pandora. 

What do you know about graphic novels? If you find that pictures make a story more enjoyable, graphic novels may be for you! Find out more about this hugely popular literary genre. This is a two-choice lesson.

What do you know about one of America's greatest poets? Learn all about Walt Whitman's life in this lesson about the influential writer. 

The Popol Vuh is the creation story of the ancient Maya. It could date back as far as 300 BC but was put into written word in the sixteenth century. Learn about the history of the Maya and the story of the Hero Twins, the basis of the Popol Vuh. 

The tale of King Arthur has been shared for centuries through poems, plays, books, and film. Whether it's the magic of Merlin, the love triangle that Queen Guinevere is in, or the adventure of seeking the Holy Grail - this legend has a little bit of everything.  

Many of may know all about works of fiction, especially literary fiction and genre fiction. This lesson will take a look at 5 other distinctions among fiction styles - including many of the most commonly read books in history!

Have you ever wondered how someone can be so persuasive when they speak or write? They have probably mastered the use of rhetorical devices ethos, pathos, and logos. This lesson is all about how these devices are used to both influence you and help you influence others. 

Often using mythical creatures and personified animals, fables are short stories that expresses a lesson. 

Mythologists study stories from cultures all over the world. But what exactly is a myth?

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