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A continuation of our earlier Unusual Instruments lesson, here we will cover everything from Cheese Drums to a fire organ. 

Not every instrument is found in a band or orchestra. From the odd sounding theremin to water powered hydraulophones, you will get a little bit of everything in this lesson on unusual instruments!

Disney is known for so many things but one thing remains a staple: the Disney Princesses. From Snow White to Cinderella, Jasmine to Elsa, the Princesses are a money maker for Disney. At what expense? This lesson explores how Disney portrays it's lead female characters and how it influences young girls throughout the world.   

Originally popular in Japan, learn all about how Iron Chef was changed for an American audience and how it transformed cooking shows into primetime television. 

Folk music is much more than Bob Dylan or Joan Baez of the 1960's. It is the traditional music that has been around as long as music itself, passed down through generations. Learn all about it in this lesson that covers all the way up to modern folk music. 

Brass Instruments are the loudest instruments in an orchestra. We all recognize some of these instruments like a tuba, trumpet, or French Horn. Find out all about how brass instruments are made and sound in this lesson!

While many instruments in this lesson aren't exactly made of wood anymore, these woodwind instruments are a large part of any orchestra. Using your breath through a mouthpiece and your fingers to open and close holes to change pitch, learn how woodwind instruments together create a rich array of sounds to add to any symphony. 

If you've ever seen an orchestra perform, or heard a wonderful symphony, than you have most definitely heard the sounds from the string family. From a violin to the double bass, discover the types of sounds and parts of songs that each instrument plays!

Edgar Degas was the peer to many famous artists of his time, including Vincent van Gogh and Mary Cassatt. Find out about his upbringing and how his life influenced his style of painting in this lesson. 

A social emotion, gratitude is expressing appreciation for what you have. Research has shown that expressing gratitude has many specific benefits to our physical and psychological health. Learn all about gratitude and how it can be cultivated in this lesson. 

A pop culture phenomenon, the idea of a zombie apocalypse has been showing up over the past several years in TV, movies, and literature. Learn all about the concept of a zombie apocalypse, and then use our writing prompt to create your own!

Batwoman, an original DC Comic character, has often been overlooked next to Batman. Recently, the fierce character has been relaunched and there will be many Batwoman options to enjoy in both the comic book and television world! Learn about the history and future of this heroine of the DC Comics universe. 

The premiere achievement to be given in the film industry, the Oscar, is presented in many categories each year during the Academy Awards. Find out more about the history behind these awards, who can win them, and the mystery behind how "Oscar" got his name. 

Universally performed across all cultures, singing is so basic to humans that it's origins are long lost. Learn about how singing has developed over the centuries, from basic calls to the gods to the art form we consider it today.

A Danish concept, hygge is the acknowledgment of a feeling or moment that is cozy, charming, or special. Learn how Danes use lighting, food, and communal activities to create this special feeling in their daily life. 

Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti street artist, political activist, film maker, and vandal. Learn about his work in this lesson.

What do you know about the Harlem Renaissance? Learn the basics in this lesson, written by someone who uses a letter board.

Extend our science lesson on synesthesia by learning about some famous synesthetes and how this "superpower" has helped them!

Ever wonder where the wonderful dance moves seen on movies and TV come from? Learn more about the people who design these dances -choreographers.

This lesson is specifically designed for students making choices and using the 3-stencils. Each question provides two answer choices whose first letters are on the same stencil to allow skill building with larger targets.

Did you learn about the how a bill becomes a law from Schoolhouse Rock? Maybe how to multiply by 3s? Or what exactly a conjunction does? Schoolhouse Rock has been popular with kids and adults since its creation, but how exactly did it come to be?

Test your holiday smarts with our newest Jeopardy game!

IMAX movie theaters can make us feel like we're really floating in space or swimming under the ocean. Learn more about these remarkable theaters.

They're a big part of today's pop culture - they populate our text messages and are in the movies. But where did emojis come from? 

An emoji board for letterboarders! Add these silly icons to your spelled or typed messages with this board that features some of the most popular emojis.

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