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Ally : one that is associated with another as a helper : a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle.

This lesson will help you navigate how to be a good ally to marginalized and minority groups. 

Who remembers when Prince Harry of England got married to an American actress, Meghan Markle? Everything the Royal Family of England does is noticed across the world so it brought lots of headlines when Harry and Meghan decided to step down from their royal duties. Learn what that all means for them as a couple and for the Royal Family!

This lesson is a glimpse into what systemic and institutional racism is and what it looks like. It examines what privilege is as well as how laws and social systems create systemic racism. 

Maybe you've heard the term "herd immunity" on the news, but what is it really? Learn about how it works and whether or not it could be effective against the coronavirus in this lesson. 

As we practice social distancing and isolation, let's explore what kind of impact these individual changes can make on our production of greenhouse gases and climate change! 

November 13 is World Kindness Day! Learn about what kindness is, why people are wearing cardigans to promote kindness, and the ways that the nation is celebrating this good feeling.

College tuition and fees have increased around 200% in the last thirty years. Student loan debt is in the billions. Learn all about the debate on whether or not college tuition should be free and see how some states are already offering free two- or four-year tuition. 

With the rise of anxiety and suicide rates among teens, school districts are beginning to take a closer look at the mental health of students. There is now an ongoing debate on whether "mental health days" should be acceptable excused absences, just like a physical illness would be. Take a look at the different positions and choose for yourself! 

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as a teenager, #actuallyautistic Greta Thunberg has created a youth movement to fight climate change. Through protest, she is making waves around the world. With her family, she has made changes to positively effect the environment in her personal life. 

In this lesson, learn how two California architects decided to change the narrative around the USA-Mexico border by installing seesaws across it. Explore how more ideas to bring together the two sides are coming along, as well as the different views on the matter. 

In this lesson you will learn all about how the United States is divided into electoral districts that will influence election results. The lines that divide the electoral districts are often fought over and attempts to change them are made, in order to tilt political power. This process is gerrymandering. 

In this lesson, learn how you can use your rights as a citizen and register to vote in your next local, state, and national election. This covers the ways people can get registered as well as the effect marginalized voters can have on the political landscape. 

Dress codes are used by the military and often enforced by nice restaurants. Some schools also have dress codes, telling student what is and isn't allowed to be worn. How do you feel about this? Learn all about dress codes and discuss how it may affect certain groups of people more than others.

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park is over 3,000 feet tall and considered one of the greatest big climbs in the world. Learn all about the ten year old girl who became the youngest ever to climb El Capitan in June of 2019.

Fan injuries from foul balls over the past couple of years has led Major League Baseball to reconsider their safety procedures. Learn all about the debate over whether fan safety or fan experience is most important.  

This lesson covers how the Green New Deal can address climate change and economic inequality, as well as how it's got it's name and what detractors say about it. Learn about it and start a discussion!

What does impeaching the President mean? How does it work? Learn the ins and outs of how the process of impeachment works and why it is intentionally difficult for it to happen. 

What is minimum wage and how does it effect workers? Why wouldn't a company want to raise minimum wage? Learn all about what minimum wage is and its impact on both businesses and employees in this lesson. 

In this lesson, explore the debate over vegetarianism from an environmental, health, and evolutionary standpoint. 

Zoo's were created as interest in natural history and science grew, serving as a way to display and study animals. Even today, as zoo's are used for research and teaching, there are arguments that animals should not be kept captive in zoos. Learn all about how zoo's operate and the opinions about them in this lesson. 

NASA landed a new robotically controlled rover, InSight, onto Mars in November of 2018. Learn all about the six month mission to get to Mars, as well as the amazing instruments that it will use to help scientists understand the red planet. 

These 2018 midterm elections have brought a number of firsts in the United State. There are record numbers of Native Americans, Muslim Americans, women, and LGBTW candidates who sought (and won!) office. Learn more about these new members of Congress in this lesson. 

Over 49 years ago, the first moon landing occurred when Apollo 11 touched down. Or did it? Find out all about the controversy surrounding the moon landing in this lesson. 

Americans are expressing outrage over immigrant families being separated at the U.S. border and the conditions that children face once separated. Learn about what's going on and why people are so upset. This lesson is intended for older students. 

The topic of gun control has been a hot debate that even students are getting in on. Learn about the history of gun control, recent events, and the resulting student walkouts and protests. This lesson is intended for older students. 

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a hot topic in the recent years. Learn about this organization's principles and why it's important to acknowledge that black lives matter. This lesson is intended for older students. 

On February 9, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games - officially known as the XXIII Winter Olympic Games - will begin in South Korea. Read about the torch, the opening ceremonies, and what to expect when the games open in February!

This year's Golden Globes award ceremony brought celebrities together to draw attention to sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood and beyond. This lesson is intended for older students. 

Net Neutrality has been all over the news. But what does it mean? Find out how this change to our laws may impact the way you and your family surf the internet, watch streaming videos, and connect with friends online.

Why is it important to pay attention to what you post online? How can you be a smart sharer of information?

Did you know children are up to 35 times more likely to have their identities stolen online than adults? Find out how you can protect your identity and be a responsible digital citizen.

Each state has its own laws about carrying a hidden weapon. Now Congress wants to allow one state's laws to apply in other states. Learn about the debate behind concealed carry reciprocity.

Women soccer players draw big crowds and score big wins. Why are their salaries so small compared to their male counterparts?

How do our deeply ingrained beliefs impact our actions? What is implicit bias and how can we do something about it?

Can our minds really be controlled by messages we don't even see?

Who are the Dreamers and what is DACA? Read about the laws that allow more students to stay in the U.S. for college.

The bird that had completely disappeared from regions of the United States is making a comeback. Read about why it isn't good news for everyone.

Read about 5 times teenagers were smarter than all the adults around them.

Cyberbullying is a big issue for kids today. Find out what you can do if you see this happening online.

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