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Summer Institute is coming!
Stay social and connected with your friends.

Join our growing community!

Reach Every Voice group program with spellers and typers
Reach Every Voice Group Programs
Reach Every Voice Group Programs
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Guest presenters at Summer Institute
Our community!
We love games!
Group programs designed around student interests
Participants in Reach Every Voice group programs

Session 1: June 20 - July 7 (no session July 4)
Session 2: July 10 - July 28


New this year! 

Extended Institute: July 31 - August 10 (Monday - Thursday; NO FRIDAY SESSIONS)





REV Office

800 S. Frederick Ave.

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Learn More About Institute

Created around the interests of our learners, Reach Every Voice group Institutes are designed to give students who type, spell, or point to communicate an engaging and enriching environment that provides a meaningful learning experience beyond what is available in any outside-of-school program.

student uses Rapid Prompting Method and stencil to communicate


Still making choices? 

Still on stencils? 

Still at single word responses?


Don't let that deter you.

Our lessons are scaffolded to let EVERY voice join in the conversation.

We believe that all individuals can benefit from rich conversation

at many different levels.

student uses Rapid Prompting Method and stencil to communicate

Each time we meet, students nominate lesson topics for upcoming sessions and vote for their preferences. Based on student input, we create groups for the lesson and conversation pairings. These flexible, ever-changing student groupings allow us to offer more opportunities for self-directed learning, building friendships, and enjoying games of choice.


We also encourage purposefully-paired mentor relationships to allow students who are new to REV or to using the boards to benefit from the experience of others.

students chat with friends at Reach Every Voice Institute
students chat with friends at Reach Every Voice Institute
students chat with friends at Reach Every Voice Institute

We believe learning from others is important.

We value the experiences and advice others can provide. Over the years, we've welcomed guest presenters with wide-ranging expertise to share their knowledge and wisdom with us at Institute.

Past Presenters

But perhaps the best part of Institute is the community we've built.


The relationships our students create - mentors, mentees, learners, teachers, friends - are what they rave about. They give each other advice; make weekend plans; have serious political debates; jab, spar, and throw shade in battles of wit and humor.


And they love welcoming newcomers to their ranks.

Enjoy a Look Back 

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week 4

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